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Jaw Clinic 
Clinique O

Longueuil South Shore

Clinique de la mâchoire | Clinique O
Clinique O ostéopathie

Jaw and TMJ disorders, such as pain and stiffness, can significantly affect quality of life.


At Clinique O ostéopathie, we understand the challenges these conditions pose. That's why our multidisciplinary team of osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists work in synergy to provide effective, long-lasting relief.

Together, we combine our skills and knowledge to develop personalized treatment programs.


Using manual techniques, therapeutic exercises and targeted massage, we aim to restore normal jaw function and reduce the pain associated with TMJ disorders.


What's more, we believe in the power of interprofessional collaboration. We maintain close relationships with specialized dentists and other health professionals, working together to offer a holistic and comprehensive approach. Our aim is to care for the whole patient, improving their condition and promoting their well-being, while ensuring coordinated, collaborative care."


*It is important to note that our professionals do not replace doctors, dentists or other specialists.

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